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privacy policy

This page explains the privacy policy of Sanshin Kogyo Co., Ltd., how we collect information and what we use it for.

1.Collection and Use of Personal Information

You may be asked to provide your personal information.

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We collect those appropriately, only if they are needed for business. We use them for proper purposes only. We will tell you the purpose of the use beforehand and never use it for anything else.

2.Management of Personal Information

We never reveal personal information except only if required by law or with the prior consent of you.

We take relevant security measures to safeguard your personal information against leak, loss or alteration and manage appropriately.

We thoroughly train our staff to use your personal information appropriately.

3.Restrictions of the use of Personal Information

We try to ensure that information that is on this website or information we collected is accurate and updated. Sanshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. and our group companies have copyrighted all information on our websites. All information is also protected under international copyright laws, international conventions, as well as other laws.

In addition, any act of damaging or detrimental use to our company or other third parties, acts (even included if that have risks) contrary to public order, and acts of profit purposes, is prohibited.

4.Correction, suspension of the use and disclosure of Personal Information

We will meet your needs such as the correction and the suspension of the use and disclosure of your personal information as you needed.
However, there are exceptions such as if your request does not meet the statutory requirements or regarding information of customers after elapsing a reasonable period since the last use of our company.


We do not take any responsibility for any damage or repair costs that is incurred by accessing or using our website. Any use of our website is to be done at your responsibility.

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