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Some people say that our company is small, but very capable.
Our company is small, but we have technology, management and an untiring effort to produce products of superior quality. We are good at listening, very flexible and respond quickly.
From welding to surface treatment all processing will be performed consistently. Subsequent services include product buffing, hairline processing, sandblasting, acid cleaning, and barrel polishing for example. In addition, if requested, we will undertake sheet metal processing, stamping, as well as cutting.

We specialize in processing and surface treatment to a variety of welding and polishing services.
Work can be performed as part of the inner and outer surfaces polished as post-treatment after welding, polishing Hairline, Sand blast processing, pickling, etc.,
In addition, utilizing our company, from prototype to mass production can be accomplished, including cutting and sheet metal processing.

TIG welding Hairline processing Buffing processing

technology of SANSHIN

Welding technology

Example of welding
Fuel cell parts
commercial kitchen equipment
machine parts
automobile sales parts
automatic ticket gates
architectural hardware
medical equipment parts, etc.
Processing items
Item Processing such as Austenitic-ferritic stainless martensitic kay, titanium, aluminum, steel, Also responsible for welding magnesium, hastelloy, incoloy.

The work of our professional staff is responsible for high-quality welding of JIS-Z-3821 grade stainless steel to suit your needs. Depending on the product, we can do Plasma welding as well as cladding weld hardening.
The welding of thin sheet metal requires particular processing. We consult with Kusumoto semi professor of Gunma University Faculty of Engineering, so we have the capability of processing a variety of different ways every day.

Polishing technology

Examples of polishing
Commercial kitchen equipment
interior and exterior parts automatic ticket gate
architectural hardware
medical equipment parts
Processing items
We are able to polish stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, and others.

The scope of our polishing is very extensive. When polishing the surface of the metal we start the processing method using the hemp and emery powder and buff the materail at high speeds to make it smooth.
The ability to polish according to the product need has become possible since there we have available a variety of materials and machines.

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