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The CEO's speech

President of the company Hideki ShimizuWe are a company that has cultivated the skills of welding techniques and polishing techniques for over 40 years.
We are especially good at welding thin plates to the satisfaction of many customers.
Due to economic conditions, it has become a very difficult time to pass down and improve the skills needed in this industry.
But we never stop trying to become a company that is a necessity to customers. We hope you to believe in our people, skills and quality.
Although it is a small company, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experiences. We find our pleasure being able to reflect that knowledge and experiences on your products.

Sanshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President of the company Hideki Shimizu

Organizational chart

Organizational chart

About us

Company name Sanshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Head factory 4-325-3 Aioi-cho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma 376-0011
              Phone 81-277-54-0117
              Fax 81-277-54-1181
Ashikaga factory

1133-2 Otsuki-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi  326-0005
              Phone 81-284-41-6563

Representutive President of the company Hideki Shimizu
Net worth 30 million yen
Establishment October 15th, 1960
Main customers JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
Dainichi Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co., Ltd.
Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
Daido Castings Co., Ltd.
Daido Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Benkan Japan Co., Ltd.
SMC Co., Ltd.
Tanita Housingware Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Appliances Co., Ltd.
List of qualifications and certifications
JIS Z 3821 Personnel with Stainless Steel Welding Certification 10
JIS Z 3811 Personnel with Aluminum Welding Certification 1
JIS Z 3841 Personnel with Semi-Automated Welding Certification 1
JIS Z 2305 Level 2 PT Non-Destructive Test Technician 1
Personnel trained in Arc Welding 14
Personnel trained in Gas Welding 8
Personnel trained in special education for grinders 8
Personnel trained for replacement of free-hand grinding stones 1
Press machine operators 3
Crane driver's license (less than 4t) 1
Personnel trained in use of sling 3
Personnel trained in use of forklift 12
■Health and Safety
Administrator for prevention of Air Pollution 1
Administrator for prevention of Noise Pollution 1
Chief in charge of the handling of Hazardous Material 1
Chief in charge of the handling specialized chemicals 1
Chief in charge of managing drying facilities 1
Chief in charge of organic solvent work 3
Personnel trained for work in high particulate environments 6
Personnel trained in first-grade fire management 1

Company history

October, 1965 Company founded at 5-309-1, Aioi-cho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma
Net worth 500,000 yen
Started work for Sound Wave Industries doing welding and polishing
  1967 Began working with as a division of Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. doing welding and polishing of stainless steel kitchen appliances
August, 1968 Do to continued work with Tokyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. a new factory in Ashikaga is established
September, 1968 Began working with Sanyo Vending Machine Co., Ltd. doing stainless steel vending machine work
October, 1968 Net worth increased to 2 million yen
  1971 Net worth increased to 4 million yen
September, 1980 Net worth increased to 8 million yen
January, 1986 Started working with Daido Steel Co., Ltd. doing lost wax polish processing
November, 1986 Started working with BENKAN JAPAN KK. by doing welding and polishing process.
January, 1987 Net worth increased to 21 million yen
August, 1988 Moved head factory to 4-122-1, Aioi-cho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma and revamped the factory
January, 1990 Net worth increased to 30 million yen
March, 1991 Declared a model of modernization of small business in Gunma Prefecture
October, 1998 Award Winning Gunma Labor Standards Association Director Award - Japan industrial safety and health week
January, 2007 Reorganization to an incorporated company
July, 2007 ISO 9001 certification acquired
September, 2007 Started work as a central technical research center and fuel cell part welding processing for JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co., Ltd.
October, 2007 Acquired Level 2 PT Non-Destructive testing certification
April, 2008 Started work as a central technical research center and fuel cell part welding processing for JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co., Ltd.
July, 2010 Award winning Gunma Labor Standards Association Presidential Award
January, 2017 ISO 14001 certification acquired
Contact us Phone.81-277-54-0117 Fax.81-277-54-1181 E-mail here